Creating Great Software is our Passion

If you are looking for a feature packed AAC app for the the lowest price point.  You found the right product. We have

several in app options to keep you within your budget


Constant Innovation

50 + Languages

Unique Features

We are always adding new features to all our Apps. Tell us your ideas. We are open to new concepts.

Able Jr, Able, Able HD AAC and My Daily Task now has voice engines for 20 languages. You can also very easily add any language text (through the apple key board) and record your voice. Over 57 different types of keyboards available

Bing Safe Picture search

Modified Fitzgerald Color scheme for pictures

A Daily Scheduling and Reward system

Type & Speak

Make sure the app you are interested has the features you need.



AbleVox In Action

Watch the video of a small demonstration of one of our product Able AAC.

Able AAC Speaking in Spanish