Able HD AAC is a value priced, easy to use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution designed specifically for individuals who have difficulty speaking or are nonverbal. Also built into the application is a configurable home/school daily schedule list, reminder list, checkable task list,reward/motivational system, video and audio learning system.

Languages Available :

• US English: Ryan, Heather, Kenny

• Australian English: Tyler

• UK English: Rachel

• 800 beautifully illustrated pictures.


In-App Purchase :












Mandarin Chinese










Key Features :

• Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

• Numerous color combinations available for the top/bottom half.

• Intuitive, child-friendly design appropriate for 18 months and older. Even adults will find it a breeze to use

• Able to modify voice pitch and speed

• Pronunciation word replacement system included

• More than 750 pictures organized by category

• Ability to add customized pictures, using your own own camera, apple device camera album, our library of 1000 pictures or cruise online and find images using our Bing Safe search tool

• 4 voice engines powered by Acapela. boy, girl, adult female and a fun little creatures voice.

• Cloud backup enabled

• If you cannot find your language, record your voice for a new language. Apple keyboards are available for 57 languages from Cherokee to Vietnamese.

• Customizable screen layout to display 1 large picture or up to 4 smaller pictures per category

• Passcode lock to prevent access to settings

• No monthly charges

• No wireless connection required for voices to work

• Another 79 voice engines available as an inapp purchase for 20 languages. See list below The language packs for Able Jr AAC are


Simple interface

-Over 48 canned sentences like “I feel disappointed” or “I want lunch”. One touch explains your needs and it’s completely configurable.


Advanced Interface


-150 core words recommended by most speech pathologists and another 620 fringe words to help with meaningful sentence construction.

Form a sentence by touching the appropriate pictures. Pictures organized in 26 categories like action words, family and friends, food, shapes etc to name a few. All pictures/text are placed alphabetically in each category.


Type and Speak

-Touch the blue sentence formation box, and the selected apple keyboard will pop up for you to type. You are not limited to touching pictures to form sentences.

If English is not your native language, you can completely customize text and voice in any language supported by your apple device. The latest iPhone/iPad supports 57 different types of keyboards (From Cherokee to Vietnamese). Enter any language text and record a voice and you have a complete AAC solution in your language.

My Tasks


This section has 5 categories. School, Home, Notes, My points, Reward Center. Home and school has an itemized daily schedule to help the individual stay on task and motivated. When an entry is checked, points are added to the weekly total. When a threshold is reached the individual can get a reward.

Notes is a communication tool between the teacher and parent. If there are any new notes, a counter with the number of new notes will be shown.

-My Points shows the number of points accumulated so far and lets the user know whether the reward threshold is reached.

-The Reward center allows the parent or guardian to raise or lower the threshold and change the gift. Two reports are generated each week. The goal is to see the points rise every week when unacceptable behavior is taken out of their repertoire.



My Videos and My Audios


-These two categories are used to help view or listen to unique content generated by you. Like tying a shoe lace, buttoning/unbuttoning a shirt or holding a pencil properly.

Other unique features

- Medical/contact info shown with one button.

- User can now change category size on the left and have 1 to 12 pictures on the Right. One slider button

- Animation added to the click of the pictures. Shakes and background lights up.

- Computer / icloud backup is now enabled.

- Capability to protect settings with a password.

- Modify voice speed and voice shape.

- Pronunciation word replacement system.

- Extensive picture retrieving options: our library, your device photos, camera

- Support for Social Scripts




There are over 78 HQ voice engines available for purchase. We also included some fun English voice engines like Queen Elizabeth, Will (little creatures), Will(scary guy), Saul (hip hop dude) and Micah (Texas cowboy). Able HD also has the latest 4 realistic Acapela child voices Harry, Rosie, Josh and Ella as an inapp purchase.