Able Jr AAC

Able Jr AAC is an affordable and easy to use augmentative and alternative communication application for the iPad/iPhone and iPod Touch that is specifically designed for toddlers and preschoolers with delayed speech or severe speech disorders. Express frequently used words and pharses by scrolling through 26 categories with over 750 pictures available. Intuitive and child-friendly, Able Jr helps young children to communicate with teachers, family, caregivers, and other people they meet in everyday life. Able Jr offers pictures organized by categories that reflect children’s natural speech development. Each word or phrase is represented by a picture and when tapped, triggers the corresponding audio and word in the sentence formation box. You can also bring in customized pictures using your own camera, apple device camera album, our library of 1000 pictures or check online and find images using our Bing Safe search tool. The touch screen and large pictures make interaction much easier for kids with motor skills deficiencies.

Languages Available :























Key Features :

• Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

• Numerous color combinations available for the top/bottom half.

• Intuitive, child-friendly design appropriate for 18 months and older. Even adults will find it a breeze to use

• Able to modify voice pitch and speed

• Pronunciation word replacement system included

• More than 750 pictures organized by category

• Ability to add customized pictures, using your own own camera, apple device camera album, our library of 1000 pictures or cruise online and find images using our Bing Safe search tool

• 4 voice engines powered by Acapela. boy, girl, adult female and a fun little creatures voice.

• Cloud backup enabled

• If you cannot find your language, record your voice for a new language. Apple keyboards are available for 57 languages from Cherokee to Vietnamese.

• Customizable screen layout to display 1 large picture or up to 4 smaller pictures per category

• Passcode lock to prevent access to settings

• No monthly charges

• No wireless connection required for voices to work

• Another 79 voice engines available as an inapp purchase for 20 languages. See list below The language packs for Able Jr AAC are


”Easy to use and modify, love the Bing Picture search option”

                                  -John D, Tester, Newport Beach, California

Able Jr AAC In Action

”The lowest priced AAC with Acapela voice engines standard”

                                             -Sheila P, Tester Morris, Illinois