Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Able AAC and why should I buy it?


Able AAC is a voice(AAC) and learning/motivational package. We took  an AAC  app and packed it with features. This is a paradigm shift in AAC development. Our app is completely unique in the functionality that it provides. The main differentiator today is the number of words/pictures each AAC app has. When we started this project, the best selling app out there had 8,000 words/pics, then it became 12,000 words/pics. Today the standard is 14,000 words/pics. At this rate by 2014, the new standard will be 25,000 word/pics. Most individuals with special needs tend to use 300 to 500 words.  So we took the minimalist approach with the AAC portion (800 plus words and pics, which you can easily modify and add) and bolted on a unique learning/motivational system.


2..Does your product work with other languages?


Yes, you can add any of the 57 languages that your apple device supports. Remember you will have to enter the text and supply the voice for the new language. We made Able and Able HD  very simple to configure to do this. The current version of Able and Able HD AAC also have voice engines  available for purchase for 21 languages (79 voice engines). When you buy an international language, we provide a language pack that converts the app to that language. We used a tool called Google Translate to do the translation and you can very easily change the phrase if you want to.


3.Just for a little more money I can buy a speech app with 14,000 pictures. Isn’t that more useful for me?


Our goal is to provide you a premium product at the lowest possible price point that is easy to use. We worked with a speech pathologist to come up with a list of 150 core words and most used 600 fringe words.  Our research showed that individuals with special needs tend to work with 300 to 500 words. Our app fits well with this demographic.


Able and Able HD  AAC has a daily scheduling system, a reward system, My Programs, My Reminders, Type and Speak E reader, My Audios, My Videos, weekly reporting system, Notes, 83 Acapela voices available for purchase etc.


Our goal is simple, start with the simple interface, then graduate slowly into the advanced interface and eventually purchase a voice engine to enable typing and speaking. There is no need to purchase the voice engine now unless the individual is already at an advanced level.


4. We love our existing AAC product. What can you do for us?


For you, we created the My Daily Tasks App.  It’s basically Able AAC  without the Simple and Advanced interface. You get the daily scheduling system, a reward system, My Programs, My Reminders, Type and Speak E reader, My Audios, My Videos, weekly reporting system, Notes etc. All this for $8.99. There are 79 Acapela voice engines available for purchase. Each voice engine is $9.99.


5. How can you keep your cost so low? A low price could mean low quality.


Absolutely not. We keep our prices low by using the same content in several products. Coming soon is  a spelling app, several young children learning apps and many others . Stay tuned to this space. In this tough economic environment it is more logical to price it low.


6. There are other AAC apps that come with 5 voices engines.  You only have 3 recorded voices for Able AAC.


True, Able AAC is priced lower because we don’t have to pay voice engine royalty immediately. Out of the 5 voices, people usually have a favorite and use that one all the time. With our pricing you can purchase 2 to 4 voices and it will still be cheaper than an app that has 5 voices.  We suggest you go to the Acapela box product website (link available on our support page). All the inapp voices we have should be listed in the box product. Type a long sentence or copy & paste an article into the box, choose a voice, press play and listen. Just keep changing the voice until you find something you like. Then buy the same voice engine in Able AAC.  We now have Able HD AAC and this app is identical to Able AAC, but has 5 voices engines.


7.  Please explain why the learning and motivational system was created.


Every individual has a unique way of learning. This system offers a daily point’s checkable list for the school and home to self-regulate and keep on task. A small reward is offered once points accumulate above a threshold as enticement to promote behavior that you want them to learn. The system also offers  a non-points checkable list (My programs), Points checkable list (My Reminders), social scripts My audios and My videos. Help your child or student learn the following tasks  easily and quickly.  Buttoning/unbuttoning a shirt/pants. Holding a pencil and writing. Tying the laces on a shoe. The proper way to brush teeth, personal hygiene, using utensils, eating, taking a shower, toileting and other self-help skills.  The limit is your imagination. Instead of repeating often, recreate the proper way to do some task and they can learn by touching one button.


8. Is there a child voice engine  available as an inapp purchase for Able AAC and My Daily Tasks?


The child voices are  Kenny, Josh, Rosie, Ela and Harry. Josh, Rosie, Ela and Harry are the latest  realistic voices offered by Acapela. Theses voices are priced at $11.99.