My Daily Tasks

My Daily Tasks is just like Able AAC minus the simple and Advanced Interface (AAC portion)


My Daily Tasks comes with 79 in app voice engines, 20 languages. Buy an inapp voice engine(US $9.99 each) and you also get a text pack. The text pack converts the entire app to that language. You can create a simple AAC by typing a phrase, choosing a picture from our large library of pictures and saving the phrase.


Languages Available :

English:Arab Nizar, Australian Tyler,US(Ryan,Heather,Kenny,Saul,Micah, Will(Happy, Upclose, Little Creatures,Scary Adult,Senior Adult), Laura, Nelly), Indian Deepa,UK( Graham, Lucy, Peter, Rachel,  Queen Elizabeth,  Tracy)


Arabic: Leila, Mehdi, Nizar, Salma


Czech: Eliska

Danish: Mette, Rasmus

Dutch: Daan, Femke, Jasmijn,Max, Belgian Dutch (Jeroen, Sofie, Zoe)

Finnish: Sanna

French: Alice, Antoine, Antoine ( Happy, Upclose), Bruno, Claire, Julie, Margaux, Margaux (Happy), Canadian French:  Louise

German: Andreas, Julia, Klaus, Sarah

Greek: Dimitris, Dimitris (Happy)

Italian: Chiara, Fabiana, Vittoria

Japanese: Sakura

Mandarin Chinese: Lulu

Norwegian:  Bente, Kari, Olav

Polish: Ania

Portuguese: Celia, Protuguese Brazilian: Marcia

Russian: Alyona

Spanish: Ines, Maria, Antonio, US Spanish: Rosa

Swedish: Mia, Elin, Emma, Erik, Emil, Finish Swedish Samuel, Gothenburg Swedish: Kal

Turkisk: Ipek


Every individual has a unique way of learning. This system offers a daily points checkable list for the school and home tasks to self-regulate and keep on task. A small reward is offered once points accumulate above a threshold as enticement to promote behavior that you want them to learn. Next  for things that are more difficult to learn the system offers  a non-points checkable list (My programs), Points checkable list (My Reminders), My audios and My videos.  What are things that are difficult to learn? Buttoning/unbuttoning a shirt/pants. Holding a pencil and writing. Tying the laces on a shoe. Proper way to brush teeth, personal hygiene, using utensils, eating, taking a shower, toileting and other self-help skills.  The limit is your imagination. Instead of repeating, recreate the proper way to do some task and they can learn by touching one button

Parents and leading Autism researchers have found that learning self-help skills (eating, dressing, toileting, and personal hygiene) can be challenging for people with autism, but is essential for independence. Use the school/home daily list, my programs, my reminders (AbleAAC- My Tasks) categories to break complex skills into a series of small steps that will later be linked together to form the more complex skill; Apply a systematic approach to instruction that consistently employs proven methods for teaching people with autism including verbal prompting, reinforcers/rewards (AbleAAC- My Tasks-my points & reward center), chaining, graduated guidance, shaping, modeling, visual supports, etc.; Monitor progress by collecting and analyzing data (AbleAAC- My Tasks 2 weekly reports); Modify the approach as needed to achieve the target goal.